The building blocks of analytics

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After my previous blog, Citrix analytics and an overview of thing you can do, I started exploring the capabilities of the service. After enabling the first data sources, configuring services and setting up rules I found out that the whole picture wasn’t exactly clear to me and several questions popped up.

For example:

Why can’t I monitor authorization failures within my CVAD service? Why is this (or does it seems to be) limited to the Citrix Application Delivery Management Service? Isn’t the CVAD service including the Gateway service? (confusing right?).

Those questions needed some explanation and I thought it would be best to describe the building blocks of Analytics; it just comes down to products & technology (luckily?).

So (perhaps it was obvious for some people) I thought the whole analytics part needed some helicopter point of view. I’ve mentioned the Rules, Data source, Cloud service and the underlying technology separate (although some have the same names) because you have to:

  • Setup rules
  • Enable the data source.
  • Be entitled to the cloud service.
  • That uses the product.

So, the whole picture:

So, to answer (a part) the question: To use the “Authorization failures” rule you have to setup the data source Gateway. This data source requires you to be entitled to the Citrix Cloud service Application Delivery Management and relies on the good old MAS (NetScaler Management and Analytics System).

I guess I still want to monitor authorization failures within my CVAD service (feature request?), but CVAD rules seems to be limited to “Director” information. Time to proceed with the monitoring of my on-premises Gateway environment

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